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2016 NCAA Super Regionals Day 4 results, recaps, scores and updates

The Gators are bound for Omaha as the Super Regionals have concluded.

Florida 7, Florida State 0

Pack your bags Gator fans because Florida is going to Omaha!

FSU was nonexistent tonight as they only managed five hits, none of which would lead to a score for the garnet and gold. Florida on the other hand, was all over the bases, and taking full advantage of being at home.

In the first, Dalton Guthrie would single his first at bat of the game and eventually be granted the opportunity to score on a wild pitch by Cole Sands. The Gators would go on to score again in the third from a home run hit by the star of last night's game, Peter Alonso, bringing the game to 3-0.

But, it was in the fifth inning that Florida really showed why they were the better team when the scored four more unanswered runs. After Dalton Guthrie and Buddy Reed would single to put to on, a pitch would hit Peter Alonso shortly after, loading the bases for UF. That's when the man, J.J. Schwarz, would smash a home run past the left field wall and bring in four more runs for the boys in orange and blue. At the end of the fifth the game was 6-0.

Alonso and Schwarz would later set up the final run of the game by Buddy Reed, before the game would trickle to an end, closing out just after the top of the ninth. With tonight's absolutely dominating performance the Gators shut out the Seminoles of Florida State out with a 7-0 victory and secured their position in the CWS.

As the lone representative from the SEC, the Gators continue a lengthy streak that started back in 1993 in which the conference has sent at least one team to Omaha and the CWS.