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Introducing New Writer Tom Stephenson

Team Speed Kills has a new basketball contributor.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm Tom Stephenson, and if you read Anchor of Gold at all, then you're already familiar with me and need no introduction. (Side note: don't worry, Commodores, I'm still writing there as well.)

For those who aren't familiar, I'm a lawyer and Vanderbilt alum who watches WAY too much college basketball. Like if you're wondering who was watching that Tennessee-Auburn game in the SEC Tournament in March (at least, not counting Tennessee and Auburn diehards), I'M THAT GUY.  As such, you can expect in-depth coverage of all 14 SEC teams.

As said before, I'll still be covering Vanderbilt basketball for Anchor of Gold, but my musings on the SEC in general (including my fall previews of all 14 SEC teams, one of which -- and this is a true story -- was called "the most accurate assessment he's read of his team" by an SEC basketball coach) will be appearing here at TSK.

I'm looking forward to hopefully providing quality basketball coverage for a conference that probably needs it.