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Team Speed Kills is hiring

Come join us!

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports


Here at Team Speed Kills, we're committed to bringing you the best SEC coverage around. Whether it's softball, baseball, football or basketball, we're hoping to provide the community the kind of coverage that has been established here since this site's beginning. Even under new management, we're committed to continuing that standard. However, we can't do it alone.

So that's why we're asking you, yes you, to come join our team.

Given that it's mid-May and softball and baseball coverage is just about set to begin, we're hoping that those who apply today, tomorrow or the next day have an interest in covering those sports. Fall sports, of course, are a big part of the SEC and you should have an interest in those too. The more diversified you are though, the possibility of you being recruited here could increase.

With that said I'm hoping to increase our recruiting coverage here a bit, so if you have any interest in that - whether on the gridiron or the hardwood - please apply as well.

So if you're passionate about the SEC and writing and staying committed to the task, send an email over to We'll be happy to consider you as a candidate to join us here at Team Speed Kills.