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Tennessee sees no players drafted in NFL Draft for the second consecutive season

The Vols wind up on the wrong side of history...

Elsa/Getty Images

For the first time in program history, the Tennessee Volunteers go 0-for in the NFL Draft for the second consecutive season.

After going on a streak from 1964-2014 with at least one player drafted, the Vols have come up empty-handed for the second consecutive season as wide receiver Marquez North and edge player Curt Maggitt did not hear their names called on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

The good news for Vols fans is that this streak shouldn't last much longer. After the 2016 season, the Volunteers should see a decent chunk of talent be headed for the NFL as the benefits of some talented recruiting classes should find their way into the league.

For now, unfortunately, Tennessee's drought will continue on for another year.