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Report: Alabama football assistant coach Bo Davis leaving due to inquiry of possible recruiting violations

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Suttles of Tuscaloosa News is reporting that Alabama Crimson Tide assistant coach Bo Davis will be leaving his position due to an inquiry into possible recruiting violations. The news, which comes courtesy of Suttles as well as fellow writer Andrew Bone comes as somewhat of a surprise on this Thursday evening.

Per Bone and Suttles' report, there has already been an ongoing internal investigation by the university and the NCAA has made their own inquiries as well:

UA has been conducting an internal investigation and the NCAA has also made inquiries into the matter.

The report indicates that Davis will either be fired or will resign from his post as assistant coach.

There will certainly be a lot of eyeballs drawn onto this one for many reasons, one of which includes the fact that Alabama is, after all, the reigning National Champions in college football after taking down Michigan State and Clemson earlier this year. If there's more to this, and one may venture to guess there might be, then things could certainly take quite a turn down in Tuscaloosa.