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2016 A-Day: Alabama's Spring Game Ain't Icy

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

A quick introduction: I am one of the new co-managers of TSK, and yes, my last name is also a popular snack cracker. Sadly, we are not heirs to a big Triscuit cracker fortune... more likely that my husband's Eastern European ancestors came up with a creative way to spell their last name. So, bear with me as I get started and up to speed on TSK. I have big shoes to fill.

A little background, I hail from Birmingham, Alabama (RTR) but live in the college sports desert of New England, specifically Boston. Imagine my chagrin when I arrived at Boston University several years back to uncover that they had canned their football program. Seriously? How do these things happen? And I'm sorry, Boston College, but when you can only tailgate for three hours in a very expensive Newton parking garage, it is just plain unnatural.

This leads me to my first post. It turns out that Alabama's Spring Game gets better viewer ratings than NHL Playoff games. Those of us who are die-hard SEC fans are perhaps not all that surprised, but when you consider the population of Canada runs 35 million and hockey towns are supposed to be big places like Pittsburgh and Boston, you know, you realize how much the SEC totally rocks. Perhaps NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman should ask Nick Saban how to get fans in lieu of other marketing ploys.

We checked out the Nashville Predators a few weeks back ahead of football season. Turn out was pretty incredible, but could you imagine what an SEC game would look like if you could pay just $80 for all you can drink Bud Light with hot dogs?

Ashley Triscuit

Oh, and here's a picture of my husband with our daughter. Gotta start 'em early!