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Around the SEC: April 20, 2016

What's going on today? Let's find out.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama baseball defeats Troy 5-3; No. 21 USA Jaguars on deck tonight - Roll Bama Roll

With a 5-3 win over Troy, Alabama's third straight Tuesday night victory, the Crimson Tide seems to have broken their midweek hex.

A post-Tim Tebow history of Florida QBs succeeding after no longer being Florida QBs - SB Nation

An NFL MVP from Auburn, a Pro Bowl-quality tight end and two likely 2016 NFL Draft picks are just a few of the players who were better off leaving the Gators' QB depth chart.

Georgia adds UMass to football and basketball schedules - Dawg Sports

Georgia announced this morning that the Bulldogs will host UMass at Sanford Stadium on November 17, 2018. Interestingly UGA will also travel to Amherst to play the Minutemen in basketball in 2017-2018 before hosting them in Athens for a return engagement the following season.

2016 NFL Draft: Could Laremy Tunsil fall to the Ravens at No. 6? - Red Cup Rebellion

The ripples from the Rams' mega-trade for No. 1 may wash Tunsil past the Chargers and out of the top five.

Predicting Missouri's offensive depth chart: What spots are still up for grabs? - Rock M Nation

Did Ish Witter solidify his starting spot? And uh, what happens if Nate Crawford can't go in the fall?

Poseur Ranks the World: Stoner Movies - And The Valley Shook

In honor of today...

The Continued Shortcomings of South Carolina Gamecocks Football Recruiting: An Editorial - Garnet & Black Attack

While the coaching staff has brought South Carolina into the 21st century in regards to recruiting, the leftovers on the recruiting support staff from the Spurrier era continue to drag the Gamecocks efforts down.

Josh Dobbs is the SEC's Best Quarterback on Third Down - Rocky Top Talk

Tennessee's passing game still has room to grow, but Josh Dobbs has been better than he gets credit for in picking up third downs.

Braggin' Rights: Why College Station is a better town than Austin - Good Bull Hunting

Proving once and for all that the notion that Austin is cooler than College Station is a complete myth.

Could Julian Infante be the Answer at First Base? - Anchor of Gold

Replacing Zander Wiel has been, let's say, a journey. (Note: replace "journey" with "a dystopian hell-scape of Cormac McCarthy-an proportions.")