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Introducing your new Co-Managers of Team Speed Kills

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As most well know who frequent and read the site, both Brandon Larrabee and David Wunderlich have stepped down as co-managers of Team Speed Kills due to outside circumstances. Their contributions to this site have been enormous and I think I can speak for anyone/everyone who's ever read this site that they made a tremendous impact, and the mark they made here will live on.

With that said, the search for new co-managers has come to an end. It is my honor and privilege to announce that I, Christopher Novak, along with Ashley Triscuit, a new voice to us here, will be the new co-managers of Team Speed Kills!

Most of you might already be familiar with me if you've perused through Team Speed Kills since December 2013. I'm a University of Missouri alum who also heads Big East Coast Bias, SB Nation's Big East hoops blog, so I certainly know my way around the ropes when it comes to conference blogs. I've also made stops at BT Powerhouse, SBN's B1G hoops blog, and currently scribe for both Pinstripe Alley, the NY Yankees' SBN site, as well as some others, too.

I've had lots of fun writing for this site in particular over the past two years or so and I believe that I will continue to have fun doing just that as time goes on here as the new co-manager.

Meanwhile, you will likely be hearing from Ashley very soon, whom I am very excited to start working with for the foreseeable future.

We will do our damnedest to continue to make TSK the best SEC blog around. I can promise you that much.