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SEC Football Recruiting: National Signing Day Eve

Here's one last check in before the big day.

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

With National Signing Day coming up tomorrow, it's time to do one last check in with the state of SEC recruiting. The first thing is to go over where everyone is at. This table is based on the 247Sports Composite, and the change is relative to last week's update.

Team Rank Change Players 5-stars 4-stars
LSU 1 - 23 1 17
Ole Miss 4 - 22 3 10
Alabama 5 +2 17 1 10
Florida 7 -1 26 0 9
Georgia 8 +1 16 2 9
Auburn 13 -2 16 0 9
Texas A&M 20 -3 18 0 6
Tennessee 22 -1 17 0 7
Arkansas 23 - 17 1 5
South Carolina 31 - 23 0 4
Kentucky 32 -2 25 0 3
Mississippi State 40 +4 16 0 1
Vanderbilt 49 - 19 0 1
Missouri 53 +6 14 0 1

LSU is still holding onto the pole position, and it picked up a commit from 3-star QB Lindsey Scott (no relation to the famous Georgia receiver). Ole Miss also stood pat in the standings with the same group of players as last week, although it had a huge number of visits over the weekend.

Creeping up the rankings again is Alabama, which is now up five positions compared to two weeks ago. The Tide did it by increasing its class by one, nabbing two 4-stars and having a 3-star decommit. Bama is up so high despite having just 17 commits because its average player rating of 92.22 is the highest of any team in the country.

So who will end up No. 1? One of 247's own writers, Steve Wiltfong, projected yesterday that Alabama will take the crown once again, edging out LSU 299.43 points to 298.77. He sees FSU (currently third) coming in third, Ole Miss fourth, Ohio State (second) finishing fifth, and Michigan (sixth) end up sixth. He hedges some by highlighting Georgia, Florida, and Notre Dame as being teams that could shake things up.

Last Friday, SBNation's Bud Elliott and Pete Volk made a short list for teams that could compete for the top class without projecting a winner. It's similar to Wiltfong's: Alabama, FSU, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Ole Miss, and Ohio State. Why no Florida or Notre Dame on this one? Probably because Elliott doesn't see any blue chippers still on the board committing to the Gators and only one going with the Irish.

The falls you see in the table for teams like Auburn, Texas A&M, Tennessee, and Kentucky are simply due to those teams largely holding tight with their numbers from a week ago, give or take a 3-star here and there. Other teams moving up pushed them down, but there are plenty of players who've yet to commit.

Finally, Mizzou took my advices and secured a couple of commits to move itself well clear of UAB. Though the Blazers now sit with an amazing 43 commits, a number sure to make Houston Nutt jealous, the Tigers are now five spots ahead. Well done, Barry Odom and staff.