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Oregon’s new head coach is visiting Alabama commit Tua Tagovailoa

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NCAA Football: Alabama-White House Visit Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well... except for today.

The lead story in today’s edition of Around the SEC doesn’t come from anywhere on the SBN network. It’s a worth a look though!

Happy Friday, everyone, on another note. Thanks for keeping it tuned to TSK.

Oregon’s new coach is in pursuit of an Alabama commit (Oregon247)

Wilile Taggart was introduced as the Ducks’ new head coach on Thursday. And already he’s trying to make his mark, going after one of Alabama’s commit for the Tide’s Class of 2017.

The Gators’ struggles can be traced to one thing (Alligator Army)

Alligator Army has the diagnosis... and it shouldn’t surprise anybody.

The number one priority in Baton Rouge is... (And The Valley Shook)

Why, it’s a QB developer of course. ATV makes the case for the need to get someone on staff who can help develop a QB. If the last few seasons are any indication, this should truly be priority numero uno for Orgeron.

A shakeup for the Ole Miss coaching staff (Red Cup Rebellion)

Welp. Changes probably had to be made, and considering the ties they have to the ongoing investigation, this was... probably not too surprising. It certainly came out of left field though.

Other Tidbits!

- Andy Ludwig is going nowhere

- Shawn Elliott, however, is!

- A new face has emerged and should be in Cal’s rotation

- Georgia sent some offers out