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Around the SEC (Nov. 4, 2016): LSU-Alabama, college football title droughts, and a Nick Richards update

After a short break, we’re back.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t adjust your monitors: Around the SEC is back after a short, one-day hiatus.

Torturous college football title droughts (SB Nation)

It’s a subject that does not lend itself to discussing with precision, because of the number of teams (no one is going to get worked up about San Jose State or Middle Tennessee State not having won a national title) and the fact that teams began playing the sport in such wildly different years, not to mention the fact that before 1998, the title of national champion was mythical.

Here’s why LSU’s offense is effective (SB Nation)

The No. 1 criticism of Les Miles’ LSU Tigers was always the nature of their offense. They’d routinely stock up on massive OL, ultra-athletic WRs, thundering power backs, and big QBs. These various components would arrive in Baton Rouge and be plugged into a classic I-formation offense that often failed to generate much.

See some Tigers and some Huskies in 2018 in Atlanta (College and Magnolia)

If there's one thing Auburn fans love to gripe about, it's scheduling the same teams (looking at you, Clemson) over and over again for non-conference games. Well, that's changing, now. Auburn finally has its 2018 non-conference opponent, and it's one the Tigers have never faced before in the Washington Huskies. The two will meet at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta as part of the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game.

Alabama will run a mudhole through you (SB Nation)

Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban have come together in an unholy matrimony of schematic arrogance. Some would have you believe that the newfound glasnost of Alabama’s offensive system shows Saban’s humility and willingness to evolve. I am a more cynical man than that. These two men know they have better horses than you do, and with an electrifying trigger man in QB Jalen Hurts, they essentially say, “Screw you. We’ll beat you any way we want.”

From nothing to something in Jacksonville (Alligator Army)

In the midst of the chaos of the LSU game being moved, the Georgia game didn’t really cross my mind, so I accepted my dad’s deal. I wanted the LSU road trip and I knew I couldn’t afford to trek to both the Georgia and LSU games — and since I had already experienced The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party last year, traveling to Baton Rouge was my priority.

Alabama, LSU, & recruiting implications (SB Nation)

As a recruiting analyst, I love games that feature elite talent facing other elite talent. Alabama’s annual game against LSU brings that every year. Alabama is the most talented team in the country according to the Blue-Chip Ratio, while LSU has signed the No. 4 set of talent over the last four classes.

Here’s how LSU beats Alabama (SB Nation)

If you’re hoping for an LSU win on Saturday, well, you’re probably going to be disappointed. That’s typically what happens when you root against the Tide. But S&P+ gives the Tigers a 36 percent chance of victory; that’s not zero. Saban told media this week that there is “no magical potion” for winning games like this. But if LSU were to win on Saturday, here’s how the Tigers would probably do it.

Touted recruit cuts list, includes Kentucky (A Sea of Blue)

We’ll soon know where Nick Richards will be attending college. The five-star center plans to announce his college decision on Nov. 10 at 2 p.m., he announced on Thursday. Richards also announced his final list of schools in contention, which includes the Kentucky Wildcats, Syracuse Orange, and Arizona Wildcats.

Georgia Southern ain’t too bad anymore, Pawwwwl (Red Cup Rebellion)

If you’re skimming over Ole Miss’ remaining schedule and getting nervous about playing a Georgia Southern program with a reputation for giving more talented teams a hard time, you may not need to worry. Despite being known as the lower level non-conference team no one wants to schedule, they’re currently 4-4 and averaging just 24 points per game excluding an opening win over FCS Savannah State.