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2016 College Football Playoff rankings: No changes in Top 4 as Alabama remains #1

The top of the rankings stays the same heading into a big weekend.

NCAA Football: Chattanooga at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The latest edition of the College Football Playoff rankings were issued out on Tuesday night, and for the most part, not a whole lot has changed.

The top four teams in the country remain the same entering ‘rivalry week’ as Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, and Clemson are 1-4. If the season ended today, the Tide and the Tigers would play in a National Championship Game rematch while the Buckeyes and Wolverines would reignite their rivalry on an even bigger stage. That’s set to change this weekend of course as those two teams will collide in Columbus.

The Washington Huskies and Wisconsin Badgers are just on the outside looking in at No. 5 and No. 6. As it stands, the Huskies and Badgers are preparing to head towards their respective conference championship games should they win this weekend against rivals Washington State and Minnesota. 7-10 is occupied by Penn State, Oklahoma, Colorado and Oklahoma State, as the Nittany Lions could be set to make a jump if Ohio State beats Michigan. Penn State, if that happens, would head to the Big Ten Championship Game via a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Buckeyes.

11-15 is occupied by Louisville, USC, Auburn, Florida State and Florida. 16-20 sees Nebraska, SEC rep Tennessee, West Virginia, Boise State and Houston. The final five teams in the Top 25 are Western Michigan, Utah, Washington State, Stanford and Navy.

In total, four teams from the Southeastern Conference (Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee) find themselves inside the Top 25 in this latest edition of rankings.