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Film Breakdown: Jalen Hurts vs. Tennessee

The freshman Heisman hopeful is making the Alabama offense nearly unstoppable.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama's freshman sensation QB Jalen Hurts seems to be getting better control of this offense as the season goes on.

The Crimson Tide defeated Tennessee 49-10 on Saturday afternoon thanks to the dominant effort of the Alabama ground game, mostly led by Hurts. Offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin has constructed an offense tailor made for his quarterback and the weapons around him.

This game against Tennessee perfectly depicts the offensive style that Alabama wants to continue to play as the year goes on.

Let's take a look at how Hurts and Alabama was able to take advantage of the Volunteer defense.

Alabama made it a focal point to attack the perimeter in the first quarter to setup runs inside the tackles. The threat of a Hurts run will keep any defense on its toes. Hurts has to read the defensive end on the top of the screen. It's a basic read option. The end makes just one false step towards Hurts and that springs running back Damien Harris for a big gain. Any defensive end that Alabama plays with Hurts under center will need to play a near flawless game in order to maintain this offense. One false move and a play like this happens.

The defensive end on the bottom of the screen actually read this fine and was in pretty decent position to make a play or force him into another defender. The block from the tight end was perfect and allowed Hurts to take it to the house. The scary part of Jalen Hurts is that he can outrun angles and run around a defensive end contain. Alabama ran this play often and got success out of it.

Hurts picked up a 15-yard carry on one and Bo Scarbrough took an inside handoff for 85 yards because the linebackers were so focused on Hurts taking it.

This is play Alabama will run often and unless opposing defenses play it perfectly it will be tough to contain.

The constant side to side movement from the Alabama offense eventually will confuse linebackers and safeties in coverage. On this play, Alabama puts a player in the flat on each side of the field. The defense is so focused on the movement in the backfield that it frees OJ Howard for a near touchdown. Lane Kiffin's playcalling allowed for this play to be so wide open.

This was a terrific play design and it is so difficult to cover everybody on the field. Even if everybody on the field is covered, the middle of the field is so wide open and Hurts can just step up and run.

This play is like the one above. The defense falls for the sweep to Calvin Ridley which leaves Miller Forristal open. At this point in the game, Tennessee is so lost on defense that they are falling for nearly every fake in the backfield.

Unfortunately, Hurts misses Forristall down the field and could have resulted in a big gain. This is just another example how Hurts and Alabama had this Volunteer defense confused all game long.

Alabama has a big test this week in Texas A&M. So far, their offense has looked unstoppable but they will have to go against the potential number one draft pick in defensive end Myles Garrett. Garrett is the one defensive end who can match up with the speed of Hurts. Hurts will need to make the perfect reads this weekend for Alabama to have this kind of success.

The battle between Hurts and Garrett is going to be a dream matchup for SEC fans all around the country.