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SEC Power Poll Ballot After the Games of Week 2

After a week of upsets and near-upsets, where do teams fall on our ballot for the SEC Power Poll

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

As always, any lunacy in these rankings should be blamed solely on Brandon and fully discussed in the comments.

1. Alabama
Nick Saban is always so polite with his blowouts; unless it's someone he has a grudge against (hello, Texas A&M), he's just going to beat you by 30 or 40 points and send you on your way.

2. Ole Miss
I have a feeling that average of 74.5 games per point is going to drop this weekend. Just a touch.

3. Georgia
Bad news: They don't really have a quarterback. Good news: With the exception of Mississippi State, neither does anyone else in the SEC. And none of those other teams have Nick Chubb, Sony Michel and whatever other genetically engineered freaks that the UGA science department has cooked up.

4. LSU
Still can't figure out if this is going to be a sneaky good team or just a quite, mid-tier team. But they have an early and decent conference win, which is more than a lot of teams can say right now.

5. Texas A&M
They beat an Arizona State team that was supposed to be a conference contender, and then that team goes and does something like needing a 14-point fourth quarter to beat Cal Poly. Pay no attention to the strong resemblance to last year.

6. Tennessee
You have to be ahead after the second half, too.

7. Missouri
Maybe if you're really quiet, what happened to Auburn and Arkansas will distract everyone from the fact that you really shouldn't have let Arkansas State hang around that long.

8. Mississippi State
Good news: One of the only teams in the SEC with a quarterback. Bad news: They don't have anything else.

9. Florida
Yeah, playing East Carolina ain't fun, is it?

10. Kentucky
They rank about seventh in the first half and 13th in the second half, so the average of the two seems about right.

11. South Carolina
What could possibly be worse than losing at home to probably .500ish SEC team that hasn't won in your building since Bill Clinton was president? Well, let's take a look, shall we?

12. Auburn
You did hire Will Muschamp to be the defensive coordinator, right?

13. Arkansas
The good news is, things are so wild in the division that they still have a chance to win. The division I'm speaking of is the MAC West, of course.

14. Vanderbilt
If Johnny McCrary could read a defense, they might have a chance to win a few games. Alas.