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SEC 2015: The Most Important Games for the Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama has a lot of big games on its schedule, but these two games are the biggest.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the 2015 season, there have been diverse opinions on what type of season the Alabama Crimson Tide projects to have. Some predict a 10-2 season, and others think it'll be better and they'll compete for another national title. Given those lofty projections, Alabama has a big game every week. The competition is fierce, and every team wants to knock off the Tide, but there are two games that may mean more than the others.

Saturday, October 17th at Texas A&M

Alabama heads to College Station after having played Georgia and Arkansas the weeks prior, and right before hosting the Tennessee Volunteers. This will be a tough road game during a challenging four-week stretch. Moreover, A&M has a bye week before they face the Tide, and will have a week to recover and refine their game plan. College Station will be loud and hostile. These are all variables that typically make up a trap game.

Saturday, November 28th at Auburn

The Iron Bowl has to make the cut. This year, the Crimson Tide travel to Auburn and hope to exorcise the demons of the "Kick Six."  Auburn is a team with some question marks on defense, but by this point of the season it's reasonable to assume that a lot of the issues will have been addressed. It's a rivalry game that has consequences for in-state bragging rights, recruiting and probably the race for the national title.