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Seven SEC Games Listed Among "Most Intriguing Games" of 2015

It's still August and still talking season before the games get started

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

With all due respect to Pat Forde at Yahoo! Sports, there are some notable games that are certainly up for debate to be in the 25 most intriguing games of 2015 but should at least in the conversation. To Pat's credit, he does list a group of honorable mention games, but at least one game stands out for not even making that list.

Forde's list includes the following SEC matchups:

3. Alabama at Auburn
6. Alabama at Georgia
9. LSU at Alabama
17. Louisville vs. Auburn in Atlanta
19. Arkansas at Tennessee
23. Missouri at Georgia
25. Arizona State vs. Texas A&M in Houston

The honorable mention list includes Auburn at LSU, the Egg Bowl, Wisconsin vs. Alabama, Oklahoma at Tennessee, Florida State at Florida and North Carolina vs. South Carolina.

Notable Omissions

Personally, I would swap the placement of the Arkansas at Tennessee game with the Oklahoma at Tennessee game, as the latter could be an early bellwether game for the Volunteers preseason hype. Additionally, games like Georgia at Auburn and Arkansas at Ole Miss stand out as games where the home teams will be looking to avenge late-season losses that helped doom seasons for teams that earlier looked like potential playoff teams.

The Biggest Omission

However, one game stands out for its absence on this list: When Ole Miss visits Tuscaloosa the third week of the season, not only will the Crimson Tide be looking for revenge from 2014, but both teams will be breaking in first-time SEC starters at quarterback while facing two of the defenses that project among the staunchest in the country. Last year's edition of this game was named the top SEC game of 2014 by the SEC Network, and while neither team will be in or out of playoff or divisional contention, the game offers an early opportunity for each team to stake their claim as top dog in the West.

What Else?

What games would you add, subtract or move around? Do you agree with Forde's take that Ohio State at Michigan is the second most intriguing game of 2015? Or that Texas at Notre Dame or Marshall at Western Kentucky are anywhere near the Top 25 most intriguing games?