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SEC 2015: Two Most Important Games For The Missouri Tigers

If the Tigers want to return to Atlanta for a third straight year, they'll have to win these games

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Missouri Tigers enter the 2015 campaign as the two-time defending divisional champions. The program is the model for proving that recruiting always has to followed by player development. The job the Mizzou staff and players have done is awfully impressive. If they want to continue their run, these two games will be pivotal.

October 17th at Georgia

Georgia is pretty much universally regarded as the favorite to win the East division this season, so if Mizzou hopes to three-peat, and remain the divisional hegemon, the journey runs through Athens. The Tigers are 1-2 against the Dawgs since joining the SEC, but their one victory was in Athens by a score of 41-26. Two seasons ago was a long time ago, and both teams have seen normal amounts of roster turnover since that time. One is likely inclined to say Georgia has added more talent since then, but then again, taking Mizzou for granted has been a losing proposition for most during the Tigers' run.

November 21st vs Tennessee

The other team with the likeliest aspirations for dethroning Mizzou and claiming the East are the upstart Volunteers. Mizzou won 29-21 in Knoxville last season after a big fourth quarter from their returning quarterback. While this year's match-up is in Columbia, Tennessee should be an improved team. Come late November, winning at home against the Volunteers this season may prove more difficult than winning in Knoxville last season.