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Bold Predictions in Bold: Karma Edition

Short and Sweet. (And yes, that is a Sugar Bowl reference.)

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Not long after I was done, it occurred to me I'd used quite a few words to support my bold claims concerning Texas A&M's fortunes for the impending season. Conversely, very few were spent on Vanderbilt. This was wrong. No matter my personal feelings for a team, a vote is a vote. And if my TSK cohorts say — through their actions, not words — that a team will — for all intents and purposes — suck, then that's what it is. Apparently, that was the case for the Aggies and Commodores. That is also, kind of, the case for Arkansas and Kentucky. As such, teams expected to finish dead last, or second to last, are un-deserving of lengthy write-ups. Long-winded posts are for (expected-to-be) winners. The aforesaid squads are not (expected to win). So, this week, I'll be using less space to make my bold claims. However, it won't make them any less preposterous.

First off, though, let me say that Arkansas will not finish second-to-last in the SEC West. This is not a bold prediction. It is a fact.  Now, predicting Arkansas to win the SEC Championship? Well, that it is bold, but nonetheless, allow me to go on record in saying that it will happen.

You know what, let's get really crazy: Arkansas will finish the regular season with only a single loss.

Brett Bielema will win SEC Coach of the Year honors, obvi. In fact, he will also win National Coach of the Year honors — The Home Depot Award, I believe is what is being sold as nowadays.

Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams will both be All-Americans. Real, like, AP All-Americans, and not some random .com All-Americans. One of them will be invited to New York. Maybe both, but one for sure. I'll go with Collins for now.

Arky will hand Alabama its worse loss of the Nick Saban era ... and on the road, no less.

Arkansas will not make the playoff, and there will be a huge uproar about it.

It will, however, win its first Sugar Bowl since 1968.