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Steve Spurrier Holds Press Conference, Blasts Age Rumors

The Head Ball Coach is still one of the touchiest coaches around. His press conference on Wednesday was another example of that

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Steve Spurrier set off social media earlier today when he announced, with little warning, that he was holding a press conference. Turned out, he was just upset about some things that were said about him in the media. But this being Spurrier, the press conference -- Periscope from @sportstalksc available here -- turned out some gems. Essentially, Spurrier was upset that people were suggesting he might retire soon.

A few notes about this. First of all, this was not really for general consumption, but to (a) allow Spurrier to respond in his always thin-skinned way to a slight from a newspaper writer; and (b) to try to get rid of fears that any recruits might have about how long Spurrier will stay at South Carolina. It's likely to be more successful on the first count than on the second.

The truth is, no one -- including Spurrier -- likely knows how long it is that he's going to coach. It's not going to be a particularly long time, but the Head Ball Coach first said he would probably coach another four or five years roughly four or five years ago. When he recently modified that answer to two to three years, it was bound to cause some anxiety with recruits. Spurrier created his own monster here -- not the AJC or anyone else.

Asked today whether the talk circulating around him had hurt recruiting, Spurrier said no. The results from last year's class were not encouraging on that count. We'll see again soon enough whether Spurrier's remarks today were anything other than more false bravado.