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SEC Media Picks Alabama, Georgia to Win Divisions, Auburn to Win Crown

Yes, it's possible.

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC media picks for the 2015 standings are out, and Auburn has received the kiss of death:


  1. Alabama (92 first place votes)
  2. Auburn (108)
  3. LSU (10)
  4. Arkansas (6)
  5. Ole Miss (3)
  6. Texas A&M (4)
  7. Mississippi State (2)


  1. Georgia (166)
  2. Tennessee (36)
  3. Missouri (20)
  4. South Carolina (1)
  5. Florida (1)
  6. Kentucky (1)
  7. Vanderbilt

Champion: Auburn

How is this possible? You can see it in the first place votes. The Tigers have the most people believing in them to win the West, and with the West typically winning the conference these days, it resulted in the Tigers having the most votes for first in the whole conference. However, Auburn's variance was greater than that of Alabama's. The Tide was generally picked at or near the top the most, so Bama gets the West vote despite losing the overall vote.

Georgia is unsurprisingly the heavy East favorite, and the Bulldogs were the only team besides the Alabama schools to receive double digit conference crown predictions.