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2015 NBA Draft: SEC Players Expected to be Taken

Get ready to hear the word "Kentucky" a lot.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NBA Draft begins tonight, so here's what to expect from an SEC standpoint based on searching a bunch of mock drafts around the Internet. As we all know, the Internet is never wrong when it comes to predicting things.

Lots of Kentucky Players

John Calipari rankled a lot of feathers when he said that his goal this year was to get eight players drafted. He would've had a great chance to get there too if not for you meddling kids Alex Poythress's season-ending injury.

SB Nation's mock draft is fairly representative of all the ones out there. Karl-Anthony Towns is the consensus pick at No. 1, edging out Duke's Jahlil Okafor. After him Willie Cauley-Stein, Devin Booker, and Trey Lyles tend to go in some kind of random order between the No. 8 and No. 15 picks, although a couple of's guys have Lyles going a bit below that but still safely in the first round. If the number of Wildcats going in the first round isn't four, it'll be a surprise.

Dakari Johnson and Andrew Harrison feature in every mock second round I've seen. It's about 50-50 as to whether the people who make those things think Aaron Harrison will hear his name called.

One Hog Called, Maybe Two

The SEC Player of the Year Bobby Portis will be a first round selection, most likely in the teens according to all of the mocks. His running buddy Michael Qualls is in most, but not all, second round mocks. Arkansas will miss him next year, so him not being selected would be salt in that wound.

A Pair of Tigers

LSU lost its great frontcourt duo of Jarell Martin and Jordan Mickey, and they will be going at some point. Martin got a first round promise from someone, so it would be a surprise (and something of a betrayal, I guess) if he doesn't go in the first 30 picks. The mocks out there seem split on whether Mickey will be a first rounder, and it's a second round lean if anything. Skilled bigs are never easy to find, so that is in his favor.

The Other Two

Tennessee's Josh Richardson will be one of the dozen and a half or so seniors to come off the board, as he appears to be a solid second round guy. So does Florida's Michael Frazier II, who appears to be vindicated after his draft declaration was met with a lot of skepticism. While he probably won't go before the final half of the latter round, the three point bomber is a consensus second round guy as well.