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Previewing the 2020 NFL Draft Class


Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

So instead of arbitrary updates that likely would've occurred whenever the hell I felt like it, henceforth, updates on the kids will now arrive every two weeks — a window which may or may not be congruent with 247's "latest commits" page. Moving on.

I hear all the time how star rankings don't matter, in terms of forecasting recruits' respective impacts on the collegiate level mainly, with NFL prospects being occasionally argued. And I mean, yeah, to an extent, that's true: two-stars bloom into superstars, five-stars bust; shit happens at the post-secondary level.

But as last week's NFL Draft showed, while those who wallowed in prep anonymity aren't resigned to the fate forever, conversely, having a multitude of stars by your photo remains a good thing to have in high school. Of the 32 first-round draftees, according to Rivals, eight were five-star teenagers with eight more being four-stars. Of the remaining 16, 12 were three stars. So I mean, yeah, they kind of do matter. This isn't exactly revelatory information, but I wanted to be cute and incorporate the draft, and now I'm over it, so let's get started.

Commitments that occurred somewhat recently:

Tre Threat, Linebacker

Committed to: Auburn

Supposed Height: 6'1,

Weight: 230ish

Composite Number of Stars: Three

Did Alabama Offer Him: Yes!

First, his last name is pronounced "Threet," which is decidedly less cool/intimidating than THREAT. However, that doesn't diminish his hitting ability, of which, was well on display in the two plays of his I watched to ensure the Hudl video worked properly. Though Auburn fans may take exception, an offer from ‘Bama is still to some a signifier that your recruit is a stud, even if such cachet is fading. Threat, he of three-/four-star ability, received that offer just days before committing to childhood-favorite Auburn: "I was the little kid in the yard wearing the plastic Auburn football helmet pretending I was an Auburn football player," Threat told Rivals upon committing. How cute.

Brodarius Hamm, Offensive Tackle

Committed to: Tennessee

Supposed Height: 6'5

Weight: 315

Composite Number of Stars: Four (Here we come, NFL!)

Did Alabama Offer Him: Yes!

I grew up in southern metro-Atlanta, so I feel obligated to root for kids who hail from the area, of which, Hamm (kind of) does. So first off, best of luck in college, Bro (I assume this is his nickname. Either that or Hamm, but I like "Bro" better). Of those who may not wish Bro so well, though, are Auburn fans, who thought this kid was a mortal lock to them not too long ago. That's recruiting for ya. As for Hamm on the field, I did confirm that his Hudl video works, so feel free to check it out and form an opinion. If he looks good on tape, then he'll definitely be a stud in college. Because south-Atlanta football is the best in the country. In. The. Country.

Charles Oliver, Defensive Back (?)

Committed to: Texas A&M

Supposed Height: ?

Weight: ?

Composite Number of Stars: Three, I Guess

Did Alabama Offer Him: Ha-ha, no

When I hear the aforementioned talk pertaining to stars and success, it's only for five-star prospects or players like Oliver, the latter of which falls under the classic "sleeper" umbrella: no one knew of him until he committed to a big school. Apparently Oliver is likely to line up at defensive back for the Aggies, but he also runs the ball, so I don't know what to think ‘cept this may be one of those scenarios where you just sign a guy and figure out his position later. He must have potential if A&M took his commitment this early, though. As far as film, Hudl was a no go. I'm pretty sure this is him on YouTube, though:

Robert Washington, Running Back

Committed to: Florida

This whole thing was weird.

The Anderson Brothers, Offensive Tackles

Committed to: Texas A&M

Combined Height: 12'9

Combined Weight: 570

Combined, Composite Number of Stars: 6 (!)

Did Alabama Offer Them: Don't Think So

Austin and Riley Anderson are twins, so predictably, they like to do things jointly, this including choosing a college. Unfortunately, simultaneously manning tackle spots seems unlikely at A&M, this due to the fact that Gregory Little is also committed to attend A&M, and he's better at playing tackle than not only the Andersons but also every other class of '16-er in the country. If one had to guess who'll be relegated to the pine, it's probably Riley because both 247 and Rivals say he's the lesser-talented brother. But hey, at least he's taller (6'5 ... supposedly).

Gregory Little Tape:

TaDarryl Marshall, Athlete

Committed to: Tennessee

Supposed Height: 5'11

Weight: 180 (give or take a few pounds)

Composite Number of Stars: Three

Did Alabama Offer Him: Yes!

Fun fact: Marshall is from Leeds, Alabama, hometown of former NBA great Charles Barkley!

Deonte Brown, Offensive Guard

Committed to: Alabama

Supposed Height: 6'3

Weight: Hooboy

Composite Number of Stars: Four (Here we come, NFL!)

Did Alabama Offer Him: I Would Certainly Hope So

First impressions are everything, and such is manifested in my watching the majority of Brown's highlight tape. On the first play, he knocked the hell out of some poor bastard, impressing me enough to watch a few more minutes of him in action, a rarity for me. He moves well for the metric ton he's listed at.

Christopher McWilliams, Defensive Back

Committed to: Florida

Supposed Height: 5'11

Weight: 160

Composite Number of Stars: Questionable Three

Did Alabama Send A Questionnaire: Maybe

Florida's set at DB for the foreseeable future, so it can take a flyer on a project like McWilliams, who'll likely need time to develop. How McWilliams has a composite three-star rating is beyond me, though, considering both Rivals and 247 have him listed as a two-star. Much like Oliver with A&M, however, a commitment from a sleeper this early on usually means the coaching staff really liked what it saw. So hey, maybe he'll turn out to be good, I don't know.

Kyler Murray, Quarterback

Committed to: Texas A&M

Supposed Height: 5'11

Weight: 180

Composite Number of Stars: FIVE

Did Alabama Offer Him: If Not, Their Loss