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Kyler Murray Will Shun MLB Draft, Enroll at Texas A&M

Kevin Sumlin needed this one big time.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M fans, players, and coaches can put the antacid away, at least for a while. A major source of uncertainty in the team's offseason has just gone away:

Kyler Murray was a 5-star quarterback recruit that A&M signed back in February. He's a two-sport star in both football and baseball, and he had a chance to go in the first round of the MLB draft. Reports conflicted over the past few months about whether he'd go straight to the pros in baseball if he was selected early, but it was always going to be an outstanding issue until Murray put it to rest.

Obviously it's a big thing for a program any time a 5-star quarterback confirms that he's going to make it to school. It's more critical with Murray than usual, though, because Kevin Sumlin doesn't have many more options. As we pointed out in the post-spring QB review, incumbent starter Kyle Allen is the only other scholarship quarterback on the roster. Going into a season with only one such signal caller is scary.

A&M can now proceed a bit easier, knowing that it has two really good options. I'm not convinced that Murray will be able to unseat Allen for the starting role this fall, but at least he'll be around to compete for it.