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SEC to Increase Field and Court Storming Fines

It's going to be more expensive to celebrate in that way.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC has caught some flak in the past for being killjoys about fans storming football fields and basketball courts with its fine system. Not only is it not going away, it's going to get worse:

SEC commissioner Mike Slive said the league is in the process of “substantially increasing the fines” for such incidents.

“It’s an attempt to change behavior,” Slive said. “I think we have changed it considerably, but there are still times when it happens. I think our folks felt the current fine structure is not sufficiently large enough to be a quality deterrent.”

The intent behind the policy is to enforce safety. It's not hard to find stories of fans being injured in these kinds of events, whether older or more recent. Goal posts designed to come down gracefully have helped on that front, but any time you get a lot of amped up people in a small space, you have the potential for trampling and other things like that.

The SEC won't be alone on this issue for long. The Big 12 is looking at instituting a similar fine.

Even if the fines go up, at some point, schools will decide its worth it to pay the fine in order to allow their fans to rush a field or court. After all, preventing rushes requires hiring more security officials, and that in and of itself costs money. Making the fine stiffer will change the calculus on that, but it will never do away with rushes entirely as long as school officials want to allow them on occasion.