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NCAA Baseball Tournament Regional Hosts Announced: Florida, LSU, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt Among Them

The sure bets from the SEC will play at home for at least the first round of the NCAA tournaments. Everyone else who makes the field will have to hit the road

Crystal LoGiudice -- USA TODAY Sports

In an unnecessarily long-winded fashion that included 16 separate tweets, the NCAA on Sunday announced the regional hosting sites for the baseball tournament that begins later this week. As many, many people stressed on Twitter, this gives us no insight as to who will be a national seed, except that (of course) the eight national seeds will be among the 16 schools tapped on Sunday.

Tempting as it might be, I will not belabor you with the entire barrage of tweets, instead focusing on the four that matter for our purposes.

Those were the sure bets from the SEC, with everyone else being at best fringe contenders for a hosting spot -- and most of the other possible hosts needing to go further than they went in Hoover to have a real chance. All four the SEC hosts are also in contention for national seeds -- which would give them home-field advantage until Omaha -- but the smart money says that only three of them get one.

The other, non-SEC regional hosts, in case you were wondering, are Illinois, Miami, Dallas Baptist, TCU, Cal State Fullerton, Houston, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, Louisville, Missouri State, Oklahoma State, and Florida State. Yes, a lot of Texas in there.

The full field will be announced Monday at noon ET. We'll find out then who is a national seed and which other SEC teams have made the tournament.