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SEC Bubble Watch: March 5

Collecting information on the edge teams of the tournament.

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In the SEC

LSU decided it couldn't suffer its recent prosperity and lost to Tennessee last night. We covered that earlier today.

Texas A&M slid down some in the Bracket Matrix after losing to Florida on Tuesday, but it still ended up six spots above the cut line prior to last night's action. The Aggies are holding on for now, but they'd be advised not to take on any more bad losses and, if possible, pick up at least one impressive win in the SEC Tournament.

Tonight's Arkansas-South Carolina game doesn't have any bubble team implications. Because A&M went ahead and lost on Tuesday, it meant that the Razorbacks clinched the 2-seed in the conference tournament without having to even play.

Around the Country

Last night's other action did help some, though not as much as it could have.

Cincinnati beat Tulsa 56-47, which was a case of a team in A&M's neighborhood in the matrix beating the last team in the field. I guessed that if SEC teams had a preference in the game that it'd be Cincy losing, but either way, a bubble team was going to be taking a loss.

In more decisive news, Michigan State defeating Purdue 72-66 was definitely a good result. The loss won't push the Boilers out, but rather it prevents them from getting a nice win over the Spartans. Purdue is below any of the SEC squads in the matrix, so this should help keep it there.

Boise State (who is on the right side of the bubble) blew out San Jose State 68-51, and UCLA (who is on the wrong side) beat USC 85-74 in totally expected results. Those games going the other way was always a long shot. Illinois not quite in yet like UCLA, and it also beat a weaker team in Nebraska 69-57.

The one that stings is Oregon beating Oregon State 65-62. The Beavers started five walk ons to begin the game to give them a chance to see the floor, but the pitiless Ducks took full advantage to jump out to an easy 3-0 lead. The final margin of the game? Three points.

In cheerier news, Miami (FL) edged out Pitt 67-63. The Panthers were a fringy bubble team as it was, and that result pushes them down even further.

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