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SEC Bubble Watch: March 4

Surveying the scene in the middle of the week.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

In the SEC

Ole Miss won, Texas A&M lost, and Georgia just didn't quite have enough to beat Kentucky. We covered these results earlier today.

Generally speaking, Ole Miss and Georgia are doing fine for the NCAA TournamentESPN's Bubble Watch by Eamonn Brennan even had those two in the "should be in" category yesterday morning, and nothing that happened last night would threaten to change that status.

Texas A&M and LSU are still in uncertain territory in relation to the bubble. The Aggies' loss to Florida last night was a setback. The Tigers can avoid a setback of their own by beating Tennessee tonight.

Around the Country

The only game with serious bubble implications outside the league last night was NC State's 66-61 win over Clemson. The Wolfpack is creeping towards "should be in" status, and not taking on a bad loss is part of that. The Bracket Matrix had NCSU seven spots away from the cut line before last night's action completed, so it wasn't really in danger of falling out anyway.

The biggest question leftover from yesterday's bubble watch post was how much Texas would profit from its victory over Baylor on Monday. The answer is: not dramatically. The Longhorns are still the second team out of the Field of 68 in the Matrix, although it appears in more brackets now than it did before the standings reflected the win over the Bears.

Besides LSU-Tennessee, there are seven games tonight with real bubble implications.