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Texas A&M Sets SEC Record for Longest Winning Streak, Beats Alabama 10-5

The Aggies still have a long way to go for the NCAA record, but they've set the conference mark

(Note: Not from Saturday's game)
(Note: Not from Saturday's game)
Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

In just its third season in the SEC for baseball, Texas A&M has set a major record. The Aggies have won more games in a row than any SEC team in history, getting their 24th consecutive victory against Alabama on Saturday on a 10-5 score. Texas A&M had already set the record for the longest season-opening winning streak by beating Alabama the night before.

The Saturday win broke an LSU record for 23 back-to-back victories, set in 2008. The Tigers' winning streak in that case came close to the end of the season and included sweeps of the SEC tournament and their regional. The old longest season-opening winning streak (22) was shared by South Carolina in 2000 and Kentucky in 2012. Of those three teams, the only one to make Omaha was LSU in 2008, and none of them won the national championship, if you were wondering.

The next goal for Texas A&M -- beyond simply winning each game on its own merits -- is the longest winning streak in NCAA history: 34, set by Texas in 1977 and Florida Atlantic in 1999. The Longhorns streak also came at the beginning of the season, and they currently have that record all to themselves. Not that the Aggies need any extra motivation to keep going.

We'll have more on this series and all the other games in SEC weekend wrap-up Monday.