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Steve Spurrier Has Joined Twitter

Really, do you need any other reason to click on a headline like that?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This is not a parody post. This is actual, real news: The Head Ball Coach has decided to join Twitter, even if he doesn't yet seem entirely comfortable with the platform.

"I think Connor Shaw was the first guy to send a Twitter back, or a Tweet back. That’s what you call it, a Tweet, isn’t it?"

The account (@SC_HBC) already has close to 34,000 followers, but so far has been used for mostly mundane purposes. Still, for those who missed the moment in history:

If we are to believe Spurrier, he's going to continue to be low-key on Twitter. Of course, part of the thing with Spurrier is that you get the feeling that he sometimes doesn't know he's about to crack a joke until the words are coming out of his mouth. We'll see if the keyboard slows that down at all.

"No, I’m not going to be controversial at all," he said. "I hope to never say anything negative. Just a way of communicating with the Gamecock fans and I guess a bunch of former players out there."

Aw, c'mon, Steve. We're not following you to find out when practice is.