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SEC Power Poll Ballot After the Games of Week 10

None of it makes any sense after the third spot, but that's the kind of year we have in the SEC

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
Great. Now we get to hear them talk about how the dynasty that lost its last two bowl games is still alive.

2. LSU
Now who's hoping for a rematch?

3. Florida
The SEC East-iest of all SEC East champions.

4. Mississippi State
If you had told me in the preseason that by November, I would be ranking a Mississippi team on the top four in the SEC Power Poll, I would have believed you. If you had told me it would be Mississippi State ...

5. Tennessee
Guys: The game keeps going after the first quarter. This is one of the very basic rules of football, and you should be familiar with it by now.

6. Arkansas
I have no doubt that BERT actually has a play that looks just like that in his playbook. And that he borrowed it from Les Miles.

7. Ole Miss
If the Rebels don't end up playing against Duke in the Belk Bowl, this whole season has been wasted.

8. Georgia
Beat Kentucky on the same day that is was officially eliminated from SEC East contention. Next year, coaches are going to start bribing writers at SEC Media Days to vote them no higher than second in their division.

9. Auburn
At least playing their bowl game in Birmingham means they can be home for the holidays.

10. Texas A&M
Texas A&M : seasons :: Tennessee : games

11. Kentucky
Only the incompetence of the teams below the Wildcats keeps them out of the cellar.

12. South Carolina
Guys: The game starts before halftime. This is one of the very basic rules of football, and you should be familiar with it by now.

13. Vanderbilt
I think I'm going to start referring to the head coach as "Derek Mas_n" now.

14. Missouri
Because of what happened over the last several days, I'm going to refrain from any jokes.