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Topics for Discussion: What's the Fallout From Alabama's Win Over LSU?

Did Leonard Fournette lose the Heisman race? Does Florida's narrow win against Vanderbilt concern you?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Are we locked in with Florida-Alabama in the SEC Championship Game? One half of the title bout is set; with its narrow win against Vanderbilt (more on that in a moment), Florida clinched the SEC East. Meanwhile, Alabama is now the only SEC West team that controls its own destiny after beating LSU and watching Ole Miss fall to Arkansas. The Tide's remaining SEC games are both on the road, one at Mississippi State and one at Auburn. Can either the Bulldogs or the Tigers stun Alabama and throw the division race back into disarray? Or are the next three weeks a coronation of the Tide as the SEC West champions yet again?

Does the Heisman front-runner now reside in Tuscaloosa? The Heisman Trophy was basically Leonard Fournette's to lose coming into Saturday, and he might just have lost it. Fournette ended up with 31 yards on 19 carries, the first time he failed to run for at least 150 yards in a game. Meanwhile, his Alabama counterpart, Derrick Henry, was having the kind of game Fournette usually has. Henry churned out 210 yards on 38 carries. For the season, the Alabama back has 1,254 yards rushing on 218 carries. Has Fournette been dethroned as the top choice for college football's most prestigious award? Does he have enough time to recover? And if Fournette has been replaced, then is Henry the next man in line or is another candidate the best bet to take home the trophy?

How far should LSU fall? One of the storylines about the LSU-Alabama game was that the Tigers were No. 2 in the first College Football Playoff selection committee rankings of the season, and the Tide checked in at No. 4. Given the lopsided nature of the loss in Tuscaloosa, where should the Bayou Bengals end up when a new set of rankings is unveiled Tuesday evening? And, closer to home, where should the previously No. 1 LSU Tigers place in the SEC Power Poll? Do they just slide down to No. 2? Or should they drop farther?

Does Florida's close game against Vanderbilt concern you? Every SEC fan is used to watching a perfectly talented team struggle with Vanderbilt because Vanderbilt. But Florida's two-point win over the Commodores was ugly even by those standards. The Gators' quarterbacks were a combined 13-of-26 for 165 yards and an interception through the air, and the rushing game averaged just 2.7 yards a carry. Florida had to kick a field goal with less than three minutes left just to get the victory. Was this just one of those games against Vanderbilt, or are there some serious issues for Florida to worry about? Could those issues catch up to them before the SEC Championship Game?

How many SEC teams will get into the New Year's Six bowls? Remember, in addition to the four teams that will make the semifinals, eight other teams will get to play in big money games -- and unlike the BCS, there is no cap on the number of teams from one conference that can be admitted. Assume for a moment that Alabama (or Florida, if you want) wins the SEC Championship Game and snags a spot in the four-team playoff. Who else has the resume to warrant consideration for one of the top-tier bowl games?