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Topics for Discussion: Any Doubt About the Outcome in Atlanta? What About Les Miles?

Plus, what bowl destinations do you foresee for your team -- even if it's not quite at .500 after the regular season?

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Who you got in Atlanta? This really probably shouldn't even be a question; If Florida beats Alabama this weekend, it could be the biggest upset in the history of the SEC Championship Game, and would be the biggest outside of the 2001 event, when LSU knee-capped a Tennessee team that seemed bound for the BCS title game. Is there any chance that the Gators end up with the SEC Championship, because college football? Or is this as close to a fait accompli as games get in sports?

Who else can aspire to a New Year's Six bowl? Whoever wins in Atlanta is locked into one of the big-money games. If Florida wins, Alabama seems like a near-mortal lock to get an invitation somewhere, though likely not to one of the semifinals. Is Ole Miss in the mix for a bid to one of the remaining games? Can anybody else in the conference hope to go to one of the marquee events? And if Florida does somehow win this weekend, does that mean that the SEC will be locked out of the playoffs?

What do we make of the Les Miles debacle? All that stuff about Les Miles being on his way out as head coach at LSU -- forget all that. The Mad Hatter will return for 2016, at least, and probably has a good shot to hang around for a while after the failed attempt to take him down. What does the rolling disaster of the last two weeks say about the administration at LSU? What are the best theories as to why Joe Alleva backed down from possibly canning Miles? Did this turn out to be the right thing for LSU? And why would any coach ever go to LSU while this administration is still in place?

Should Missouri or Kentucky go to a bowl game? Because of the out-of-control expansion of bowl games over the last 15 years or so -- not that it's entirely a bad thing, but it is out of control -- we have finally reached the inevitable point where some 5-7 teams are going to have to fill bowl spots. If it comes to that, should either of the SEC's just-shy-of-.500 teams get consideration? And would you want your team to go to a postseason game if it couldn't even break even during the regular season?

Where do you want your bowl-eligible team to go? For everyone who's got a team that locked up a postseason bid, what would be your preferred (reasonable) destination? We know that Auburn, for example, isn't going to the Capital One Bowl. But maybe some fans there really want a shot at Shreveport. Or favor Birmingham for some reason. Where would you like to spend the holidays if you're going to follow your football team?