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Reports: Les Miles' Last Game at LSU Will Be Against Texas A&M, Miles 'Indicates.' Maybe

Tiger Rag led the way, and now several media outlets say Saturday will be the Mad Hatter's last game on the LSU sidelines

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SECOND UPDATE, 5:25 p.m. ET: LSU is now officially denying that Les Miles has resigned or indicated he was resigning. Which is very careful wording, when you think about it.

This is a non-denial denial. The official tweet could just as easily have said Miles did not indicate Saturday would be his last game. That it didn't say that might not be telling, but it is curious.

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UPDATE: We have our first conflicting report from Ross Dellenger of The Advocate in Baton Rouge. It's dueling sources over what Miles said.

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After an initial report by Tiger Rag, several media accounts now say LSU head coach Les Miles implied to some of the school's boosters that Saturday's game against Texas A&M will be his last at the helm in Baton Rouge. While there is no official confirmation yet, and probably won't be until after the Tigers play the Aggies, the reports add weight to growing signs that perhaps the most successful coach in LSU history will be gone after this season.

Miles indicated to members of the Gridiron Club on Friday that Saturday’s matchup between LSU and Texas A&M would be his final game as the Tigers' head coach, sources at the meeting told Tiger Rag.

The news briefly crashed Tiger Rag's servers, but other media sources of various reliability soon piled on. (Remember, this is the LSU beat we're talking about here.)

The Times-Picayune is reporting it has two sources saying basically what Tiger Rag reported.

"He didn't use those words but he made it clear that Saturday is his last game," one Gridiron club member said. Miles regularly speaks to the club at lunch on Fridays before all home games.

Miles is a coach whose emotions are always near the surface, so it wouldn't be surprising if he was so overwhelmed that he tipped his hand -- or LSU's hand -- to the club. The immediate speculation is that the Tigers would almost certainly have someone lined up, and probably FSU's Jimbo Fisher, before they would make a move this quickly. But there are other possibilities out there, and it wouldn't be the first time that an apparently competent athletics department made a decision like this without having everything set.

At this point, there are enough signs indicating that the Miles is out that the only real question appears to be when LSU will make the news official. Unless Dellenger's sources are right.