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Topics for Discussion: Are Les Miles and Mark Richt Almost Gone? What About Dan Mullen?

Plus: Is there any chance that Alabama doesn't make Atlanta? Is the SEC East really as bad as it looks? And who's the best quarterback in the conference?

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More likely to be coaching at the same school in 2016: Les Miles or Mark Richt? This is perhaps a polite way of asking which coach you consider more likely to be fired in the offseason. Both came into this week supposedly either under siege from the school's boosters or, in Miles' case, facing an ultimatum to coach well in LSU's last two games or lose his job. Neither man did much to help his cause on Saturday; LSU lost outright to Ole Miss, and Georgia needed overtime to beat Georgia Southern. Is Miles done? And can Mark Richt do whatever it is he needs to in order to hold on for another season?

Could Dan Mullen also end up in the coaching carousel? Not because the Mississippi State head coach would be shown the door, but for precisely the opposite reason. Mullen needs a win against Ole Miss or in the bowl game to set the record for wins in two consecutive seasons at Mississippi State, and victories in both those games would make him the first coach to string together back-to-back 10-win seasons in Starkville. With a number of high-profile vacancies to be filled, a young coach with that kind of resume is going to get noticed. Is Mullen in Starkville to stay no matter what? Or could the right offer prompt him to take a chance in Coral Gables or Blacksburg or elsewhere?

Any doubts that Alabama clinches the SEC West next weekend? There's a ticket to Atlanta that has yet to be punched, and it basically comes down to the Iron Bowl and the Egg Bowl. If the Tide can beat Auburn in their rivalry game, it's over, and Nick Saban's team will once again go to the Georgia Dome. But if Alabama loses, the final spot in the SEC Championship Game hinges on what happens in Starkville. An Ole Miss win sends the Rebels to their first title bout, while a Mississippi State victory would allow Alabama to play on. Is there any chance that Auburn blindsides the Tide? And if so, can Ole Miss win on the road in a series in which the home team has lost just twice since 1998?

How bad is the SEC East, really? It wasn't just Georgia that struggled against what should have been an overmatched foe. In what's become an annual ritual, the division spent most of the day embarrassing itself. Florida needed overtime to take care of Florida Atlantic, and South Carolina lost to The Citadel out of the FCS. Kentucky thrashed Charlotte -- but, Charlotte. Among teams that played a higher level of competition, Vanderbilt got blanked by Texas A&M and Tennessee's win over Mizzou was not exactly a thing of beauty for either side. Is the East as bad as it looked on Saturday? And does that tell us anything about Florida's chances against the SEC West winner in two weeks?

If you had one game that you had to win, who's your quarterback? Dak Prescott and Brandon Allen spent the night flashing their credentials as the best signal-caller in the SEC, combining for more than 900 passing yards and 12 touchdowns against a single interception. Ole Miss fans would want me to mention Chad Kelly here, given that he's passed for more than 3,200 yards to go with 23 touchdowns. So which quarterback would you choose if you had one game to win -- one of those three, or someone else I haven't mentioned here?