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Tennessee Volunteers 19, Missouri Tigers 8: Gary Pinkel's Last Home Game is Spoiled

We'll miss you, Gary. But the final game in Columbia for Pinkel went to Tennessee

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Following his last home game as Missouri's coach, Gary Pinkel was carried off the field by his players. Missouri had just lost to Tennessee, 19-8. Winning is nice and all, sure, but on Saturday, the outcome mattered a little less than finding some way to honor Pinkel. So despite freezing temperatures and a lopsided scoreboard hanging above them, Mizzou's players hauled the winningest coach in school history off the field, then waited around for a bit as he soaked up the atmosphere. It was sweet.

Missouri is now 5-6, meaning next week's game at Arkansas is a literal must-win should the Tigers have designs on playing in a bowl game. Tennessee meanwhile, moves to a respectable 7-4, and could finish its first regular season with at least eight wins for the first time since 2007, which is kind of significant. The Volunteers host Vanderbilt next week. UT may have won handily tonight, sure, but it was pretty much on the back of a singly player's efforts: running back Jalen Hurd. Hurd ran for 151 yards on 34 carries; his team had 337 total yards.

The win was Tennessee's first against Mizzou since the latter joined the SEC. Tennessee has now won four games in a row, which is the first time it's done so since Derek Dooley's first season. Vol Vols fans still do not miss Dooley.