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Ole Miss Rebels 38, LSU Tigers 17: And Now Les Miles Might Lose His Job

It's the first time LSU has lost three straight games since 1999 -- and the Tigers' coach was reportedly already on the hot seat

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Today, Les Miles began reportedly coaching for his job, and it didn't go so well. Not only did his team lose, it got blown the hell out by Ole Miss, 38-17. It is the first time that Miles has presided over three straight losses at LSU -- which, in Miles's defense, is pretty good considering he's been on the job ten years. However, Miles has been hearing all week -- reportedly -- that even if it was his first three-game skid in a decade, such a skid could result in him losing his job. So now Miles might be on his way out; we'll have to see.

Anyway, the team that actually won the game -- Ole Miss -- played pretty well. Quarterback Chad Kelly led the Rebels in both rushing and passing, scoring two touchdowns apiece on the ground and through the air. The Rebel defense pretty much held the previously-believed-to-be-indefensible Leonard Fournette, in check (only 108 yards). However, doing such doesn't appear to be anything to write home about anymore.

Even with two interceptions, Brandon Harris had pretty much his best day at LSU, statistically speaking: 324 passing yards, 60 rushing. If there's a silver lining for LSU fans to take from this game, it's maybe having a competent quarterback going into next season.

But that's next year. Let's talk about teams still in contention for this year. If Alabama loses to Alabama next week -- not Auburn, who Alabama actually plays, but Alabama, the only team who can beat Alabama at this point -- then Ole Miss could go to the SEC Championship Game. All Ole Miss would have to do is beat Mississippi State in Starkville. Of course, Ole Miss hasn't won in Starkville since 2003, but Rebels fans can revel in tonight's victory before we all begin looking ahead.