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College Football Rankings: Alabama Crimson Tide Entrenched at No. 1; Arkansas Rockets Upward

Well more than half of the teams move in this week's version of the survey, with the bottom in particular turning into a mess

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports


Team (First-place votes) Points Change Standard Deviation
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (11) 154 -- 0.000
2 Florida Gators 142 +1 0.302
3 Arkansas Razorbacks 128 +4 0.505
4 LSU Tigers 119 -2 0.874
5 Ole Miss Rebels 104 -- 1.368
6 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 102 -2 1.737
7 Tennessee Volunteers 93 -2 0.820
8 Georgia Bulldogs 79 -- 0.982
9 Auburn Tigers 62 -- 0.505
Texas A&M Aggies 62 +1 0.924
11 Vanderbilt Commodores 41 +2 0.467
12 Missouri Tigers 26 +2 0.924
13 Kentucky Wildcats 22 -2 1.000
14 South Carolina Gamecocks 21 -2 1.044

There's a lot that changed in this week's SEC Power Poll, but one thing that didn't is that Alabama remains the unanimous choice for the No. 1 team in the conference among our voters. Beyond that, only three teams remain in the same spot -- which means 10 of them moved around.

And some of them were sizable moves. Arkansas leaps four places after once again punking LSU. You would think Les Miles would be used to that by now. The Tigers are still a pretty good team, so they don't fall too far -- LSU slips two places to No. 4. So does Mississippi State -- which lost to Alabama -- and Tennessee, apparently because the Volunteers' win against North Texas was not impressive enough.

Vanderbilt and Missouri both move up two spots, while Kentucky and South Carolina move back two spots. The Wildcats and the Gamecocks are practically tied, and Missouri's not too far ahead, while Vanderbilt appears to be getting a little bit of breathing room. Then again, every time one of the SEC East cellar dwellers looks like it's getting some distance from the other three, something happens to upset all that.

Your most controversial teams are the Mississippis -- Ole Miss has been a question mark for most of the year, and Mississippi State lost to Alabama, but it is Alabama -- and Kentucky and South Carolina (again, you can basically throw in Missouri). All of which indicates there might be more volatility ahead for the poll rather than less -- not in the places that matter most, but in some places, at least.


Alabama Crimson Tide

The Tide sacked Dak Prescott nine times in three quarters, which was only four fewer times than Prescott had been sacked before in his entire career. Good Lord.---Get the Picture

It has almost become boring with how Alabama beats people. Unless, of course, you are who they are playing. Then it is horrifying.---Georgia Sports Blog

The Tide aren't even being fair anymore. They suffocate you and punch you in the face at the same time. They don't even bother making their games watchable. That would be too inefficient.---Rock M Nation

Arkansas Razorbacks

NovemBERT is in full effect and we are all drinking the Kool-Aid. Outside of Tuscaloosa, the Hogs are playing the best ball in the conference and have eliminated a West contender in consecutive weeks.---Arkansas Fight

Things are lining up nicely for them to be named pre-season national champs in 2016.---Georgia Sports Blog

Bret Bielema's team is playing as well as any team in the SEC outside of Tuscaloosa. This is the same Arkansas team that lost back-to-back games to Toledo and Texas Tech because it's 2015 and nothing makes any sense.---Roll Bama Roll

Auburn Tigers

Good thing Auburn's bowl life depends on beating lowly Idaho because if it depended on the outcome of the Iron Bowl then the Tigers would be out of luck.---A Sea of Blue

The only clear thing about Auburn's quarterback situation is that no one really wants to be the quarterback.---Arkansas Fight

Wait, a late-game special teams return was the deciding factor in an Auburn game? A game that Auburn LOST? Are we sure that's allowed?---Rock M Nation

Florida Gators

I wonder if Spurrier watched the Florida-South Carolina game.  And if he did, which team he rooted for.---Get the Picture

Clearly performing an experiment into whether margin of victory does matter to the committee.---Anchor of Gold

Dominated Carolina for most of the game and held off a comeback attempt to sweep the SEC East.---Garnet and Black Attack

Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs aren't having a great season but will still probably win 9 games. Football just isn't fair.---Garnet and Black Attack

Suddenly, just good enough to quiet Mark Richt's critics until the loss to Tech.---Alligator Army

A +3 turnover margin allowed the Bulldogs to waltz into Auburn and come away with a 'W' in a game where passing was more of a suggestion than an actual offensive strategy. The defense did totally shut down the Tigers passing game. Suddenly, Mark Richt has a decent chance to lead Georgia to another disappointing 10-win season.---Roll Bama Roll

John Reed -- USA Today Sports

Kentucky Wildcats

You could argue that over the last two seasons, the Wildcats have turned out to be the SEC's most consistent team. That's not meant as a compliment.---Get the Picture

Somebody ought to tell Mark Stoops that when the passing game's not working at all, and Boom Williams has 115 yards on 13 carries, you probably should run the dang ball. Stoops may not be the one making that call next year if he can't overcome another utter collapse in the second half of the season. He needs to get this team to a bowl.---Roll Bama Roll

Just couldn't find a way to slow down the offensive powerhouse that is Vanderbilt football.---Rock M Nation

LSU Tigers

The Tigers got away with not having a quarterback for long enough. Not anymore.---A Sea of Blue

LF7 should be upset if he loses the Heisman to Derrick Henry, but he can enjoy the schadenfreude of the Browns drafting yet another stiff, overrated Alabama bust while he's playing in sunny Miami.---Rocky Top Talk

Les Miles is 27-3 in games coming off a loss. All of those losses have come against Arkansas.---Arkansas Fight

Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Take LSU's schedule, set it back one week. So, uh, good luck with BERT.---Rocky Top Talk

I'm still not convinced Mississippi State isn't the third-est SEC West team. Mullen's job this season should get him serious Coach of the Year consideration.---Georgia Sports Blog

Dak Prescott can't do it all by himself, but he sure can try.---Alligator Army

Matt Bush -- USA Today Sports

Missouri Tigers

It is hard not to admire Gary Pinkel's job this year with all they've had going on.---Georgia Sports Blog

What an emotional win for the Tigers over a good BYU team. Gary Pinkel has done a remarkable job with that program, and it's only right that he gets at least one more big win for them. Drew Lock is going to be a good quarterback, and Kentrell Brothers may be the most underrated player in the country. That guy has been tearing it up.---Roll Bama Roll

It took an emotional charge that no one should have to provide, but the team rallied behind Gary Pinkel and finally showed some signs of life offensively. Suddenly, a bowl game doesn't look like an impossibility anymore.---Rock M Nation

Ole Miss Rebels

Technically, Ole Miss still has a shot to win the West, but who are we kidding here?---Get the Picture

Your final scores really look like they would be more at home in the Big 12 [sic].---Anchor of Gold

The Rebels may have been stung by Arkansas, but at least they can thank the Razorbacks for softening up LSU for this upcoming week. Both of these teams will be in major letdown mode, so it will be interesting to see which one of them can get off the mat in Oxford.---Roll Bama Roll

South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks will be satisfied with packing it in and ending this season. They still have two games left. And one of those is Clemson.---A Sea of Blue

The SEC is fully behind the Gamecocks efforts to defeat Clemson in two weeks. This week's SEC schedule is full of non-conference games so head coaches should send their best coordinators to Columbia to aid the USC coaching staff in beating Clemson.---Arkansas Fight

Tell me if you've heard this one before: the Gamecocks player poorly early in the game, rallied late, and lost on a frustrating failure of a play with just minutes left.---Garnet and Black Attack

Jeff Blake -- USA Today Sports

Tennessee Volunteers

With some early mistakes out of the way, Tennessee is turning into the team we all thought they would have. Eight wins is almost a sure thing with Vandy and Mizzou in their sites.---A Sea of Blue

All that's left for the Vols are the two most offensively challenged teams in the conference.---Get the Picture

Most of the time a 24-0 win over a cupcake team can be attributed to a simple sleepwalk game. But this North Texas team is absolutely terrible. Portland State beat them 66-7. This was a really bad performance by the Tennessee offense.---Roll Bama Roll

Texas A&M Aggies

If you'd have told me before the beginning of the season that the Aggies' trip to Nashville might prove to be something of a challenge, I'd have laughed. Now? Not so much.---Get the Picture

There is nothing like facing Vanderbilt's tough defense to help build confidence for a young, struggling QB.---Georgia Sports Blog

The Aggies let Western Carolina hang around in the first half but took care of them easily in the second.---Garnet and Black Attack

Vanderbilt Commodores

Guaranteed at least a fifth-place finish in the East, which is pretty amazing after last year's fifth-place in the OVC performance.---Anchor of Gold

Vandy (approximately) doubled their season scoring total against Kentucky.---Georgia Sports Blog

If Vandy is going to be able to put up 20 points now, A&M and Tennessee should be very worried.---Rock M Nation

Jim Brown -- USA Today Sports