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College Football Rankings: Alabama Locks Up No. 1 Spot in SEC Power Poll; Texas A&M Tumbles

The Tigers slip to second place after taking the loss, while the back of the poll remains a jumble

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports


Team (First-place votes) Points Change Standard Deviation
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (9) 126 +1 0.000
2 LSU Tigers 117 -1 0.000
3 Florida Gators 105 -- 0.500
4 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 102 +1 0.500
5 Ole Miss Rebels 81 -1 1.118
Tennessee Volunteers 81 +2 0.866
7 Arkansas Razorbacks 76 +1 1.333
8 Georgia Bulldogs 64 +1 0.928
9 Auburn Tigers 53 +1 0.782
10 Texas A&M Aggies 50 -4 1.014
11 Kentucky Wildcats 30 -- 0.966
12 South Carolina Gamecocks 29 -- 0.833
13 Vanderbilt Commodores 22 -- 0.527
14 Missouri Tigers 9 -- 0.000

We had a lower-than-usual voter turnout this week, which might or might not have been because a certain poll administrator didn't send out the weekly reminder. Apologies for that. In any case, that means that the closeness in some of the positions might be skewed a bit, and Missouri should probably have something more like 12 points as a unanimous last-place team.

It is safe to say, though, that things are very close between Florida and Mississippi State; Ole Miss and Tennessee; and Kentucky, South Carolina and Vanderbilt. The bottom of the rankings, which is already kind of a jumble despite the fact that the teams aren't moving around very much and the standard deviations are low, could get even more messy if, say, Vanderbilt beats Kentucky (possible) and Florida beats South Carolina (very likely) this weekend.

The biggest move in the poll is Texas A&M, which plunges four spots. The free fall comes after the loss to Auburn seems to prove, once and for all, that the Aggies were simply pulling their usual September surge before falling apart once again down the stretch. That puts A&M's standard deviation above one, and there are only two other teams with Jekyll-and-Hyde seasons -- Arkansas and Ole Miss -- who are also in that category. Voters?

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama's most valuable player award should probably go to Dan Wolken for his six 'The Dynasty is Dead' articles after the Ole Miss game.---Georgia Sports Blog

What Alabama did to LSU reminded me of 2011/2012 Alabama. They looked as dominant as any team in the country on offense and defense. They looked like they are on another level.---A Sea of Blue

WHY WON'T THEY JUST DIE? [watches Derrick Henry highlights] Oh yeah, that's why.---Rock M Nation

Arkansas Razorbacks

The Hogs won a game in which they faced 4th-and-25 in OT and a failed two-point conversion on the touchdown they scored after that.---Garnet and Black Attack

The best 4-loss team in the conference.---Anchor of Gold

It seems that Bret Bielema is only allowing one player per week to score touchdowns. Two weeks ago, it was Alex Collins. Last week, Brandon Allen had the honor. Who will be the Razorbacks' designated touchdown scorer this week? Only time will tell.---Rock M Nation

Matt Bush--USA Today Sports

Auburn Tigers

Oh, *that* Jeremy Johnson.---Georgia Sports Blog

There's a real question about how much of that win against Texas A&M was a mirage.---Get the Picture

Will Muschamp's defense had it's finest performance of the season in Kyle Field on Saturday, picking off Kyler Murray three times and holding the once-vaunted Aggie passing attack to a miserable 3.9 yards per pass. Jeremy Johnson looked solid in his return to the starting position, and Jovon Robinson is emerging as the star many thought he would be this year. This is a dangerous team right now.---Roll Bama Roll

Florida Gators

Treon Harris looked to turn back into a pumpkin against the stout Vanderbilt defense, but the Gators hung on to clinch their spot in the SEC title game. Jim McElwain has to be in consideration for coach of the year.---A Sea of Blue

Clinched the SEC East with an ugly, close win over Vanderbilt. But to be fair, it often feels like that's the only kind of win against Vanderbilt that there is.---Garnet and Black Attack

How the East was Won, a story of redemption, hope, and terribly ugly football.---Rock M Nation

Kim Klement--USA Today Sports

Georgia Bulldogs

Is there any rule that requires you use a 'quarter back?'---Georgia Sports Blog

Of course, the most Georgia thing that could happen at this point would be for the Dawgs to win out.---Get the Picture

With the program apparently in shambles, Mark Richt righted the ship a bit with a dominating performance against a reeling Kentucky team. This defense is legit, and the Dawgs got back to dominating at the point of attack on offense, rushing for 300 yards even without Chubb.---Roll Bama Roll

Kentucky Wildcats

Dropped their fourth conference game in a row. Just because they're not one of the worst teams in the East doesn't mean the Wildcats are good.---Garnet and Black Attack

I don't know which was a better teaser: the final Star Wars Episode VII trailer or the first two months of Kentucky football.---Anchor of Gold

I mean, it's not like anyone saw the match-up against Georgia as a W when the schedules came out. Things have certainly changed since then, but not drastically enough for that prediction to be any different.---Rock M Nation

LSU Tigers

Leonard Fournette is human after all and the Tigers looked completely lost on offense without their star running back making plays. Their lack of production without Fournette keeps them from being elite.---A Sea of Blue

We're done thinking Brandon Harris is a good enough QB to make defenses respect Leonard Fournette, right?---Rocky Top Talk

That's what happens when you let a snowball gain some momentum. Before you know it, the thing has a diameter of 17 feet and jumping over your offensive line to block kicks.---Rock M Nation

Mississippi St. Bulldogs

The Bulldogs just keep quietly rolling on.  At least until this Saturday, after which they either won't be quiet or won't be rolling along any more.---Get the Picture

For the most part the Bulldogs have looked good against the bottom half of the conference this season and they handled Missouri well in the second half.---Garnet and Black Attack

While the rest of the SEC continues to beat each other up, Dak Prescott and the Bulldogs just keep winning. Sure, they haven't played the toughest schedule in the conference thus far, but State keeps taking care of business in fine fashion. Mizzou's offense is awful of course, but 34 points in Columbia against that defense in the pouring rain is impressive. Alabama better watch out for the annual hangover match-up with the Bullies.---Roll Bama Roll

Missouri Tigers

While larger forces are at play in Columbia, that the entire football team is standing together tells me a lot about Gary Pinkel and his ability to keep his team together despite a very hard season.---Georgia Sports Blog

The Missouri football team is going through a lot right now and an inept offense is the least of their worries. Can they get back together after a weekend full of controversy?---A Sea of Blue

An offense so bad, even the Kansas Jayhawks are laughing at them.---Roll Bama Roll

Jasen Vinlove--USA Today Sports

Ole Miss Rebels

So much for controlling your destiny.---Get the Picture

Still talented, but run back-to-back one possession games with Auburn and Arkansas and we're gonna start wondering when you're hiring Mike DeBord, Hugh.---Rocky Top Talk

After beating Alabama with a glitch earlier this season, it's only fitting that a similarly glitchy play bit the Rebels last weekend. RT @jenbielema: #karma---Rock M Nation

South Carolina Gamecocks

Showing signs of life in Knoxville is nice and all, but this Gamecock team just isn't equipped to win this game.---Georgia Sports Blog

The Gamecocks almost caught the Vols napping, but the lack of talent prevented them from pulling off the upset.---A Sea of Blue

Don't look now but that's two respectable road performances in a row for Zombie Carolina. Perry Orth has officially entrenched himself as the starting quarterback, and that's helped this offense finally gain a bit of an identity.---Roll Bama Roll

Tennessee Volunteers

It's November, Vols.  You can relax now.---Get the Picture

"First Half Tennessee" is the third-best team in the SEC, but "Second-Half Tennessee" is the 11th-best team in the SEC. Don't be like "Second-Half Tennessee."---Rocky Top Talk

Almost got tripped up by South Carolina in an obvious look-ahead spot. The slate of North Texas, Missouri, and Vanderbilt is a gauntlet, so it's understandable.---Rock M Nation

Texas A&M Aggies

Honk if you intercepted a Kyler Murray pass this weekend.---Georgia Sports Blog

Funny thing happened on the way to making sure the Aggies defense didn't suck so much this season -- somebody forgot to pay attention to the offense.---Get the Picture

MISSING: Explosive offense. LAST SEEN: October 3, College Station, TX. Reward if found.---Rock M Nation

Troy Taormina--USA Today Sports

Vanderbilt Commodores

Whoever said defense wins championships never saw Vandy play offense.---Georgia Sports Blog

After giving Florida a scare, the Commodores are home favorites against a Kentucky team that has looked inept for three straight weeks. Could they be closing in on their second SEC win of the season?---A Sea of Blue

Vanderbilt's defense really is very good, and has been all season. Forget the final score against Houston, the Dores are getting better. The offense is still terrible, but Vandy has a chance to officially drag Kentucky down into the cellar while simultaneously clawing their way out this weekend.---Roll Bama Roll