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SEC Football Topics for Discussion: Florida Leads the East, What About the West?

The stretch run is upon us.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the best team in the East? Florida has the East division crown all but won, needing only a home win over Vanderbilt next weekend to seal the deal. The Gators have an impressive win over Ole Miss, lost respectably to LSU on the road, and have defeated every division team they've faced. However in the last three weeks, Tennessee beat Georgia, pushed Alabama to the limit in Tuscaloosa, and throttled Kentucky on the road. The Vols ran up big leads that they unfortunately couldn't hold in losses to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and, yes, Florida. Sometimes the best team isn't the one that wins a game—or a division. Put records and "most deserving" talk aside for the moment. Who's the better team: Florida or Tennessee?

What is Georgia's future? The Bulldogs aren't quite making Vanderbilt look like Baylor, but in three of their last four games—against Alabama, Mizzou, and Florida—the only touchdown they've scored was an 83-yard run by the now-lost Nick Chubb in garbage time against the Tide. Faton Bauta didn't look any better than Greyson Lambert or Brice Ramsey have. Who do you blame? Mark Richt? Brian Schottenheimer? The blind forces of (bad) luck? And do you trust that Richt can navigate this trouble spot as he has with others in his career?

You buying Ole Miss as West contender? The Rebels took some time to get going and put an improving Auburn team away, but they got a rare (in recent times) win on the Plains. They still control their destiny in the West race, as winning out will put them in Atlanta no matter what anyone else on that side of the conference does. Are you buying into Ole Miss as a true West contender on the same level as LSU and Alabama? Or is the winner of that game next weekend going to take the spot in Atlanta instead?

How are you liking Kyler Murray as A&M starter? After a couple of bad performances from Kyle Allen and last week's drama over Jake Hubenak, we finally got to see what it looks like when Kyler Murray is the starter for the Aggies. With an assist from South Carolina's shaky defense, Murray threw for 223 yards and became only the second SEC quarterback to run for over 100 yards in his first start (Cam Newton being the first). Is he your long term answer at the position, or are you going to look for Allen to get his job back once he rehabs his shoulder and psyche?

OK, who you got in the big one? Yes, we're still a week away, but once again, LSU vs. Alabama is a signature game on the SEC slate. As of right now, who's winning that one? It's in Tuscaloosa, but Bama has been better on the road than at home this year.