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Mississippi St. Bulldogs 42, Kentucky Wildcats 16: Not Even Close

Good news: If you didn't see it, you didn't miss much.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports
Mississippi State beat the hell out of Kentucky on Saturday, 42-16. It was close for a while; the Cats led 10-7 after the first quarter. But then MSU rolled off 21 points in the second, while UK managed a paltry three; and the rest of the quarters went much the same, with State outscoring UK in the third and fourth quarters, 14-3.

Dak Prescott had himself a night: he ran for three touchdowns, including a 20- and 18-yarder. He threw for 348 yards.

Assuming every outcome needs to say something about the winner or the loser, this one says more about the Bulldogs. They took a couple of losses to start the season: one of which is still nothing to be ashamed about (LSU) and one that looks more awful with each passing week (Texas A&M). But Prescott is good again, it seems, and his singular talent appears able to buoy the guys around him; this is good news for State going forward. And I’d bet on State upending someone they're maybe, probably not supposed to before the year is up.