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Report: G.A. Mangus Expected to Be Named Interim Coach at South Carolina

Quarterbacks coach will take over the top post for the rest of the season, according to The State

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There are other names also floating around out there, but The State newspaper is reporting that G.A. Mangus is expected to be named the interim head coach at South Carolina now that Steve Spurrier has retired. The paper generally has good sources and good reporters on the South Carolina beat, so it's a pretty good bet that the Mangus report is right.

Mangus has been the quarterbacks coach in Columbia since 2009, which means he's had just as uneven a track record as the program over the last several years. He oversaw the best years of Stephen Garcia as well as Connor Shaw's remarkable career, then Dylan Thompson's somewhat underrated season at the helm and finally this year's confusing mess under center. It's questionable whether Mangus would get consideration for the full-time job, though he has head coaching experience.

Mangus gets Vanderbilt at home in the last winnable SEC game for South Carolina, a game that I can now seem them winning or losing by 40. Then, the team goes to Texas A&M and Tennessee before a three-game homestand against Florida, The Citadel (the only game S.C. might be favored in) and Clemson.

UPDATE, 7:47 a.m. ET

Numerous reports are out there that offensive line coach Shawn Elliott, not Mangus, will be the interim head coach.