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Florida Gators QB Will Grier Suspended for the Season for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

The SEC East has now gone completely off the rails as the Gators' starting quarterback gets taken off the field

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Florida has become an early-season success story in the SEC East, putting together a 6-0 record to vault to the top of the division and front-runner status. If the Gators could just avoid any bad breaks, they would likely be able to hold on and get to Atlanta for the first time since 2009. Then Monday arrived.

That was bad enough news for Florida fans, and confusing enough news for an SEC East race already reeling from Nick Chubb's season-ending injury. But then things seemed to get even worse as time progressed.

That's quite a lot to unpack, and it's going to take at least awhile to figure out exactly what it means. If this was an NCAA drug test -- and if you read between the lines of "NCAA violation," that's at least a possibility here -- Grier could be out until halfway through next season, depending on how you interpret the NCAA rule. If it's under Florida's drug testing program, it could be different.

The performance-enhancing drug in question is reportedly -- and I cannot stress reportedly enough on this entire post -- Ligandrol, if that means anything to you. According to a Google search, it will get you huge and perhaps cut. It might also have gotten Will Grier cut out of the Florida depth chart for at least the rest of 2015.

As for the division fallout: This injects a little bit more mystery into an SEC East race that looked like it was Florida's to lose. The division is still Florida and everybody else, but everybody else's chances just got a bit better.