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Georgia Bulldogs' Nick Chubb Injured in Tennessee Game, and It Doesn't Look Good

The sophomore is out for the game and might be out for a lot more

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Chubb suffered what appears to be a devastating injury in the Georgia Bulldogs' game against the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday, but we're still a long way from know what exactly it is and how long the star running back will be out. But there's already well-founded predictions that the sophomore will be out for a while, if not for the season, simply based on how the injury looks. (And, no, we're not going to share pictures or videos of that here.)

Obviously, in what is a distant second-most important part of this story, losing Chubb is a huge blow to Georgia's hopes of winning the SEC East. Chubb ran the ball 91 times for 754 yards and seven touchdowns, and might be the conference's strongest Heisman Trophy candidate were it not for some player named Leonard Fournette in Baton Rouge.

The outpouring of sympathy for Chubb from across the SEC (not to mention the country) has been widespread.