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Florida-Idaho Game Canceled

It's not going to be made up.

Rob Foldy

In the aftermath of Saturday's game between Florida and Idaho getting suspended due to lightning and an overly saturated playing surface, the schools mutually agreed to cancel the game entirely:

University of Florida Athletics Director Jeremy Foley and University of Idaho Athletics Director Rob Spear have agreed that Saturday night’s game has been declared a no contest and that not rescheduling the game is the only viable option for both programs.

The two schools, however, have agreed to schedule a game in Gainesville for the 2017 season on a date to be determined later.

Florida will pay Idaho the full $975,000 originally agreed upon in the game's contract. Anyone who bought tickets through the school (e.g. not via StubHub or other resellers) will get full refunds. If you are such a person, click the link above for the details.

It's a bad outcome all around. Both teams wanted to play on Saturday, and certainly the loss of a home game does nothing for fans. Florida is losing quite a bit of money on this as well. Even though the schools both had a bye week on October 25, they apparently decided that it wasn't worth the effort. It's a long trip for Idaho, and Florida has its rivalry with Georgia the following week.

Wondering what this means in regards to the playoff is a bridge worth crossing in the very unlikely event we come to it. Ultimately, not playing this terrible Idaho is not all that different from actually holding the game, and given Florida's retooled offense, the team would have gotten more of a competitive advantage from playing it than it does from the one extra week of rest.