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Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Texas A&M Aggies: Game Time, TV Schedule and Preview

There's going to be plenty of scoring in this game. But can the Hogs pull off an upset that would reshape the SEC West?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike the last couple of seasons, Arkansas is going to win an SEC game this season, and might even win two or three. But despite all the talk we've heard about the Aggies possibly being upset by the Razorbacks, I doubt very seriously this is going to be one of them.

Not that it's impossible to see Arkansas surprising Texas A&M. The Hogs have churned out 7.1 yards per rushing attempt this season and almost 325 yards a game. If they can chew through enough clock and get a few defensive stops, then it becomes a winnable game for Arkansas. And there's no doubt that a win against the Aggies on a neutral field would add a new dimension of uncertainty to an SEC West race that already seems to be stacked with great teams.

Just remember that Texas A&M is playing defense too. The Aggies aren't great against the run, but they're average among SEC teams, allowing just 3.2 yards a carry. True, all of Texas A&M's opponents since the season-opening win against South Carolina have been completely outmanned. And the Aggies have been able to take away the running game from practically every team they've faced by getting up by a large margin early.

But Arkansas could have its own problems on defense. The Hogs are 11th in the SEC  in terms of passing efficiency defense this year, got carved up by Jeremy Johnson in the first half of the Auburn game. They didn't have quite as many problems defending Tyler Webb in the Texas Tech game, but Kenny Hill appears to be a good sight better than Tyler Webb.

Both of these teams are going to get their points today. Texas A&M is likely to get a few more.

Game time: 3:30 p.m. ET


Radio: Arkansas | Texas A&M

Live stream:

Brandon's prediction: Texas A&M 42, Arkansas 38