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SEC Suspends Dillon Day for Using LSU Players as Trampolines

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who haven't kept up with the Dillon Day saga so far: Day, a center for Mississippi State, has been accused of "stomping" on LSU players. Actually, stomping is an inadequate word for what Day did in one of the cases, in which he took a flying leap feet-first into the stomach of Davon Godchaux.

Day has declared his innocence. Sort of.

Now, the incident will cost Day a game, after the SEC suspended him, in part because this is not the first time that Day has been accused of stomping on an opposing player. Which is really kind of frowned upon. The suspension would bar Day from playing next weekend against Texas A&M, which despite its reputation is allowing just 4.6 yards a play and leads the conference in sacks with 17.

Of course, that could be a function of the Aggies' schedule. But the Bulldogs would probably rather try to find that out with Day than without him.