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Week 4 Pick 'Em Game Update

Here's where we stand through four.

Everyone picked MSU's upset win correctly, right?
Everyone picked MSU's upset win correctly, right?
Derick E.Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I neglected to get an update out last week, so apologies to Smith Picks, who won the week with 152 points. This past weekend's winner was lsmsrbls, which had 86 points. With fewer and fewer games each week as cupcake season filters away, the point totals are going to decrease.

So here's how the top ten stands now:

  1. Smith Picks, 727 points
  2. MadduxGlavineSmoltz, 717
  3. Dawg782, 709
  4. Alex Dusza, 708
  5. GusBusAuburnFast, 690
  6. halfahalfpint, 685
  7. GwinnettGamecock, 685
  8. Delaware Gator, 677
  10. VineyardDawg's Little Lasty, 676

Good luck to everyone with this weekend's games!