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Pick 'Em Game Week 1 Results

One week down, 13 more to go.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

After the first week of games, here is how the top of the standings turned out in our pick 'em game:

  1. Dak Attack, 228 points
  2. Vineyarddawg's Little Lasty, 226
  3. DC Gator, 224
  4. Dr. Norris Camacho, 224
  5. uga_dawgs, 224
  6. Dawg782, 222
  7. Smith Picks, 222
  8. gmuvol's picks, 219
  9. gatrrr, 219
  10. Alex Dusza, 219

Congrats to Dak Attack, who did about as well as his or her namesake over the weekend. It's a long season, of course, so don't worry if you didn't do so hot this time around. The picks for this week should be opening up shortly, so don't forget to get them in.

Good luck with the cupcake flood this weekend!