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Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders: Game Time, TV Schedule and More

The Hogs travel to Lubbock to take on another team that's proven to be enigmatic early in the season

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

There are three basic categories of games that teams have played this early in the season: Cupcakes, teams we're pretty sure are going to be good this year and teams we don't really know about. The latter category can actually grow over the first couple of games -- and you could probably lump Texas Tech and Arkansas into the teams that we don't know very much about.

We know Arkansas lost to Auburn and destroyed a Nicholls State team that's probably not going to be very good in the FCS. We know Texas Tech narrowly beat its FCS cupcake of Central Arkansas and narrowly defeated UTEP last week. So either team could be decent, or either team could be subpar -- or anywhere in between.

The likeliest outcome, of course, is that neither team wins by three touchdowns. But here's the troubling for Texas Tech: Against two teams that would probably be underdogs against Arkansas, the Red Raiders have allowed an average of 227.5 rushing yards a game. The Hogs rushed for 153 yards at Auburn and 495 yards against Nicholls State. They're averaging 9.4 yards a carry. That number is a little bit inflated by the cupcake game, of course, but against the Tigers, the average was still almost 5.3 yards an attempt.

That could be the deciding factor in this game. Perhaps the last team I expected to be picking to beat a Power 5 team this year is Arkansas, but give me the Razorbacks.

Game Time: 3:30 p.m. ET


Radio: Arkansas | Texas Tech

Live Stream: WatchESPN

Brandon's prediction: Arkansas 20, Texas Tech 17