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No, Bret Bielema Didn't Take Another Shot at Gus Malzahn

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter is an imperfect medium, especially for communicating the rambling thoughts of a coach during his weekly press conference. Which is how you sometimes get a quote that burns up the Interwebs ...

Bielema said Arkansas wanted a win, but believes "some people in that stadium and on that other sideline knew a little bit more about us."

... and might not be totally -- what's the word for it? -- accurate. The writer who initially tweeted out that quote has since deleted the tweet and posted the quote in its entirety on his blog. Bret Bielema has also clarified things as only Bret Bielema can.

To me, the quote is pretty vague and stream-of-consciousness, which makes deciphering exactly what Bielema meant a little difficult. (Here's Arkansas Fight's take on it; here's the press conference video, where the quote comes about three minutes or so before the end.)

But it seems like a real stretch at the very least to say that Bielema was trying to accuse Auburn of spying on Arkansas. Let's hope Bielema and Gus Malzahn never leave their respective schools. This is pure entertainment gold.